Dr. Shimon Gibson

Dr. Shimon Gibson
Professor of Practice
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Shimon Gibson

Dr Shimon Gibson is a British-born archaeologist working in Jerusalem, where he is a Senior Associate Fellow at the W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research. He is currently a Visiting Professor of Archaeology in the History Department at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Gibson undertook his academic studies at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, where he completed in 1995 his PhD on Landscape Archaeology in the southern Levant. Between 1996 and 1999 Gibson served as Assistant Director of the Excavations and Surveys Department in the Israel Antiquities Authority. From 2000 he headed the Archaeology Department of the University of the Holy Land in Jerusalem.

During the past twenty years Gibson has conducted numerous archaeological excavations and field surveys in different parts of Israel/Palestine, including the southern desert region. His principal research interests are: Landscape Archaeology; History of Archaeology; History and Archaeology of Jerusalem; early Judaism and early Christianity; History of Photography in the Middle East. Gibson has directed excavations at Sataf, Modiā€™in, Suba, and in Jerusalem. He is currently co-directing (with J. Tabor) excavations on Mount Zion.

Gibson is the author of more than one hundred research articles on a variety of subjects and spanning different archaeological periods (Chalcolithic to Ottoman), and for more than two decades he served as the Chief Editor of the archaeological journal Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society published in London. He is the co-author of two scientific monographs on the antiquities of Jerusalem (on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and another on the Temple Mount), and has co-edited the Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land (2000) and The Illustrated Dictionary and Concordance of the Bible (2005). His book of nineteenth-century photographs of Jerusalem (Jerusalem in Original Photographs) was published in 2003. A popular book on his archaeological work at Suba entitled The Cave of John the Baptist was published in 2004 (Random House, London). He also published a book entitled Flights into Biblical Archaeology (2007) (Albatross, Herziliya). His book The Final Days of Jesus: the Archaeological Evidence (2009) was published by HarperOne in the States; it has been translated into nine languages. His most recent book Tourists, Travellers and Hotels in Nineteenth-Century Jerusalem (with Chapman & Shapira) was published in 2013 by Maney Publishers in Oxford.


During the past twenty years Gibson has appeared in numerous television documentaries on archaeology and history produced for National Geographic, Discovery, History Channel, Smithsonian, and television outlets in Europe and the UK.