Graduate Advising

Upon entrance to the M.A. Program, you will be assigned a faculty advisor.  The faculty advisor’s role is to assist you in undertaking your graduate studies, including planning your coursework, deciding between the thesis and exam option, finding primary and secondary sources relevant to your research and/or exam fields, and developing a thesis proposal.  This person may or may not become your thesis or exam chair.  Eventually, you may choose another faculty member to supervise your thesis or exam.  However, the original faculty advisor should help to see you through at least your first year in the program.  During the first year especially, this is the person you should see about any questions regarding your course of study.  Please make an appointment to meet with your assigned faculty advisor upon entrance to the program—or upon your arrival on campus.  Then, at the beginning of the fall semester, send the advisor an email message, outlining your mutually agreed upon plan for maintaining regular contact.

For more general questions about the graduate program, including requirements and permits, you should contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Peter Thorsheim at

Graduate students specializing in Public History should also seek advice from the Director of Public History, Dr. Aaron Shapiro, regarding public history requirements, internships, and courses. Dr. Shapiro can be reached at 704‑687‑5128 or

If you feel you have a serious and justified grievance of any sort with a faculty member in the department, you should consult with the Chair of the History Department, Dr. Jürgen Buchenau, at

Faculty Advisors/Graduate Student Advisees (as of Summer 2017)

Dr. Benny Andres

Dr. Jurgen Buchenau

  • Nancy Battista
  • Elizabeth King
  • Matt Needham

Dr. Christopher Cameron

  • Christopher Ellingwood
  • Rebecca Byrd
  • Jennifer Bates

Dr. Brent Cebul

  • Taylor Matthews

Dr. John Cox

  • David Hampton

Dr. Karen Cox

  • Savannah Brown

Dr. Dan Dupre

  • Mitchell Croot
  • Sean Kane
  • Justin Maxfield

Dr. Erika Edwards

Dr. Karen Flint

  • Sarah Wilds

Dr. Ella Fratantuono

  • Adam Hasian

Dr. David Goldfield

  • Melissa Barnett
  • Kenneth Dixon
  • Joseph Hyman
  • Kelli Peters
  • Kristin Swilley

Dr. Christine Haynes

  • James Long
  • Olympia Mastrokolias
  • Zach Morrell

Dr. Cheryl Hicks

  • Tina Wright

Dr. David Johnson

  • Kelly Caskey
  • William Kunz

Dr. Jill Massino

  • Rhonda Benton
  • Rachel McManimen 
  • Madison Rhinehart

Dr. Gregory Mixon

  • George Harmon
  • Sandy Hoagland

Dr. Heather Perry

  • Valerie Freeman
  • Daniel Underwood
  • Jocelyn Westpfahl

Dr. Amanda Pipkin

  • Lincoln Frye
  • Kristina Lance
  • Christine Plough

Dr. Ritika Prasad

Dr. Sonya Ramsey

  • Natalie Copeland
  • Yasmin Forbes
  • Jordan Kojima

Dr. Steve Sabol

  • David Hunt
  • Larry Slawson

Dr. Aaron Shapiro

  • Laura Burgess
  • Bryan Gable
  • Tom Grover
  • Emma Hilton
  • Austin Hunsucker
  • Nicholas Kane
  • Quinn Whittington

Dr. John Smail

Dr. John David Smith

  • Brian Cullinan

Dr. Peter Thorsheim

  • Tracy Beauregard
  • Alexander Jutila

Dr. Mark Wilson

  • Anna Culbreth
  • Collins Few
  • Mike Gregory
  • Louanne Hoverman
  • Niles Sorenson