Welcome Dr. Kristina Shull!

The History Department is pleased to announce the hire of Dr. Kristina Shull, who will join our faculty in August 2020 following the completion of a post-doctoral appointment at Harvard University.  Kristina Shull is a public historian and interdisciplinary scholar specializing in race, foreign relations, immigration control, and prison privatization in the modern United States. She received her Ph.D. in History from UC Irvine. Her book manuscript, Invisible Bodies: Immigration Crisis and Private Prisons Since the Reagan Era, explores the concurrent rise of immigration detention and prison privatization in the early 1980s at the intersections of Cold War nationalism and growing public xenophobia after the Vietnam War. It illustrates the mutually constitutive relationship between migration and foreign policy, and the immigrant detention center as a transnational, imperial space. The book concludes that limiting the visibility of migrant populations was an integral part of Reagan’s rightward shift from a “welfare” to a “warfare” state during this time, as many of the enforcement structures established to address a perceived immigration crisis and to silence opposition movements further accelerated the rise of mass incarceration. Dr. Shull is the creator of IMM Print and Climate Refugee Stories. Her research and work in immigration detention storytelling has been supported by a National Geographic Documenting Human Migrations education grant, the Open Society Foundations, the Goizueta Foundation, and the Immigration and Ethnic History Society.  Dr. Shull teaches courses on US and the World, immigration, race and mass incarceration, Cold War culture, and climate change.   

Monday, August 26, 2019